Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)
Service and Installation in
Detroit, MI

Flexible and Trusted ELD Compliance

With over 15 years of experience providing electronic logging devices (ELDs) and over 20 years in the industry, The Wima Group is a trusted name for all of your compliance needs. We provide ELDs that are certified to comply with all current and past industry regulations, so keeping your fleet safe and compliant has never been easier.

Whether you are looking for basic compliance solutions or one that will grow with you, The WIMA Group Omnitracs can fit your needs. No one-size-fits-all here — find the right solution at the right price.

And with our mobile app, drivers that use a dedicated ELD can check ELD logs and clock in and out remotely – so you can eliminate the need to backlog time spent working before and after entering the vehicle at no additional cost.

How Can Mobile Devices Boost Driver Retention and Enhance Security?

In the struggle for truck driver retention, fleet managers are adopting mobile devices not only as ELD solutions and productivity tools—but increasingly as a perk for drivers to stay better connected during downtime.

Under the FMCSA regulations, most commercial trucks must carry ELDs to record hours of service. Find out how adhering to the ELD mandate is the beginning of using technology to improve trucking fleet efficiency as well as the lives of the drivers.

Established in 1998 by industry veterans, The WIMA Group – Midwest Region is a solutions driven solutions integrator. Our company caters to underserved markets and outliers in the business community. Our strategic outlook and means of planning is more than effective, it allows us to help clients grow and expand while we do the same.

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