Our Digital Business Card

Your digital business card in the form of a web app actually has its own icon that someone can  place on their phone.

The complete mobile solution for your business is not just a web card listing that someone has to access, but an actual web app that you actually have your own app icon on your phone, creating a far more effective method of getting your information literally in their hands, which is on their phone.  Our digital business card in the form of a web app is designed especially for today’s mobile society, and can be sent to someone by text, or e-mail, or someone can scan the QR Code on your card for them to access your contact information. It also can be redirected from your website when it’s accessed from their mobile device, whether it’s a phone or tablet! There’s nothing to download or install as you do when you go to the Apple store, or Google Play Store to find an app. Those are called native apps, and require you to download it, then install it, and it requires space on the mobile device. The GrabMyCard web app doesn’t require downloading, installation, and doesn’t require any space on your phone, because the information is on our mobile web platform, not the device itself.

GrabMyCard’s web app also has an icon that can be placed on their phone just like other apps that you have that take up all your space!  Basically, it’s just a bookmarked link to access the information fast and easily. With the increasing power and capability of the smartphone, the paper business card is headed toward the same path as the yellow pages or newspapers. Not exactly dead, but due to technology, just not as effective as the digital version.
Your Digital Business Card has your logo and branding capability just as you see below.

There is a one time build fee of $195 and the monthly fee is $19.95 per month. This includes both the web card listing on GrabOurCard.com, as well as the web app that is the actual digital business card. You can pay by debit/credit card on a monthly basis, and it will be charged automatically.

*After payment, our agreement can be renewed annually!

Your digital business card can be built and activated within 3 days,  so click here to give us the information we need to create it.  When you finish giving us your information, you will be redirected to our secure pay site.

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There are other great features and  options available, which can be added on an A La Carte basis.
Give us a call: 662-324-3545 to answer any questions you may have.

The digital business card from CyberComm Marketing, LLC

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