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PWA’s come with a multitude of features, including those found in native mobile apps.

Specifically, PWA’s feature one touch calling, turn by turn directions, and push notifications that are the hallmark of native mobile apps.  Only these features work without having to download anything.  Below is a list of some of the additional features that are available.
These features can be added to our digital business card on an A La Carte basis.

“Push Notifications”

Send messages to your customers whenever you’d like using
our easy to use content management system.

“Around Us”

The Around Us tab is a great way to display relevant points of interest within your app, drawing attention to hot spots in the area. You can incorporate an unlimited amount of locations in up to three different categories, and users can easily access contact information, including phone, email, address, and GPS directions for each location!

“E-Mail US”

While the Email Form is in our standard “GrabOurCard” package, it has much more diversity than just the standard form.  It’s a great solution for generating customer feedback, taking appointment/reservation requests, and gathering info from users in general. You can select from field options, adapt existing options to meet your needs, and customize the design of the form to create your perfect submission form. You also can have different email forms that have different titles and Headings going to different people, or departments.


The Direction View feature offers one-touch directions to multiple locations. It allows you to have as many addresses as you’d like. When someone clicks on the location, GPS & Google Maps kick in and gives turn by turn directions!!

“Events Calender”

The Events feature allows for easy event promotion. Add upcoming events. Allows user to list options like Phone, E-Mail, Website, and turn by turn directions to get there. When event time and date passes, the event disappears from the calendar, thus keeping itself updated.  Easy “I’m Going” button allows users to RSVP. Enable in-app event commenting & photo posts. Import events from Facebook. It also allows recurring events to be entered, whether it’s that blue plate on Tuesday’s lunch menu at your favorite restaurant, to a discounted special like Happy Hour that occurs at 4:00 every day.

“Fan Wall”

This feature is a Fan Wall that’s an easy way to increase engagement with our web app. The feature allow users to comment, ask questions, and discuss your business or service with comments, questions, and any observations they may have. Users can share photos, reply to each others’ comments, and even know where they were when they commented.

“Image Gallery”

The Image Gallery feature is an easy and awesome way to display images inside your app. You can create a custom gallery right through the dashboard, or integrate with Flickr, Picasa, or Instagram to pull in existing galleries.

“Tiered Levels”

This is a feature that has a lot of flexibility, and can lead the user to where you need them to go, thus getting them to access important facts and information about different products and services you offer.
This feature is just a regular web page, where you can place HTML code just like a normal website. Click here to understand more how the different levels work. Click Here for more details about this feature.

“PDF Feature”

The PDF feature allows you to display PDFs through your app. This is commonly used to showcase flyers, menus, and even reports.

“Email Photos”

Allow customers to take a photo or send an existing photo
and email it directly to your business.

“Food Ordering”

The Food Ordering feature is a simple and effective way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app. With delivery & takeout options, payment through the app, and a customizable menu with add-ons and pricing options, you have full control.

“Tip Calculator”

A tip calculator is extremely useful for restaurants or food service delivery apps. This calculator allows the user to input the price of the bill, the percentage they wish to tip, and the number of people splitting the bill. The calculator will then display the sum that each person should pay. The Tip Calculator feature will use device settings for currency and format, so all you need to do is add it to your app and assign a background image, and it will be fully functional!

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