Kevin Chronister's Business Card

Kevin Chronister
Kevin Chronister's Business Card

Kevin Chronister's Business Card









 Business Card

CyberComm Marketing has created….
The Business Card That Never Gets Lost!©

Paper business cards have been given out with no change in strategy since the printing machine was invented! Business cards will never disappear.  The way people distribute that information has changed, and you weren’t even thinking about it. The ole fashioned business card has collided into the digital world & the smart phone, and that black hole is being eliminated. No, not Einstein’s black hole, but the one between the seat and the console where everything seems to go. It’s just like the dryer that always seems to take just one sock! Nobody will ever see that card again! The point being, how many times do you actually find someone’s card when you need it.

The business card supply that never runs out!

Anybody that sells a product or a service knows that little sinking feeling they get when they have to tell someone, “I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have a Card On Me.”  After trying to get your message heard above all the racket and chaos of the competition, you finally break thru the noise, make a contact, and can’t follow thru with something as simple as a business card!  What about when you’re on the phone, and you want to get your contact information to them. How about having your contact information at a web address that’s easy to remember, and it’s ALWAYS available. And unlike a business card, it can be changed at a moments notice, whether its your phone number, your business address, or your e-mail address.

How simple is it to tell them to go to They just enter part of your name, or your business, or your city. How about a special code or number to enter in the search box at You tell us a special number, word, or phrase, and we’ll set it up.  Only your info comes up when they enter it in the box.

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