The Web Card

CyberComm Marketing, LLC  has developed a new product that involves the oldest icon in the business world. It’s the card, and now we have,
“The Business Card That Never Gets Lost”.

grab my card web card information

If you’re wondering how it works, it begins at our website, If you’re talking to someone on the phone or if you don’t have a card on you,  just tell ’em to go to, & they simply enter your business name, or even just a part of it. They can search by city, by state, or even zip code to find your information. If they just know your first name, they can search by that. You can even have them enter your own unique number in the “ID#” field at the bottom of the information box. Links to your website and all social media are listed, along with your contact forms, fax numbers, & even your business hours, if necessary. Your logo can even be shown just like your regular card.

When you go to, and pull it up, here’s what it looks like: Even most websites don’t have this much information, they’re hardly as interactive as this, and it’s only $25 a year. That’s right! $25 A YEAR! That’s a pretty good deal to have ALL your info available to anyone 24/7/365 days a year. 

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