CyberComm Marketing, LLC has a solution to help with your Internet presence. We offer a great web address that’s easy to remember, and all someone has to do is enter your city in the search box to access all your information, including your phone # which is mobile responsive, which means they can call just by tapping your number if they’re searching from their mobile device. Directions to your location incorporates the GPS with their phone or tablet to get them to your place of business with turn by turn directions. There’s a google map there so they can see where you’re located if they’re on a PC or laptop. Your website, email, & all your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are listed and easily accessible. Your hours of operation is listed, as well as a profile that describes your business. Of course your business logo or a logo of the manufacturer with which you are affiliated is included if desired.

If selling portable buildings is the only thing you do, or if they’re just an additional revenue stream for your main business,  we can give your portable building business a boost with more exposure and additional places to be found on the net when someone is looking for portable buildings, whether it’s a metal carport, a workshop, and a storage shed, to RV covers, gazebos, or even a cabin or tiny houses.  We feature a mobile responsive website if someone is searching from their PC or laptop, but we also can take it to another level by constructing a web page for your business. Why just hope that an interested party will happen to drive by and stop, when a web page with all your info including directions and a map can be found by someone miles away in a neighboring town.

 If your portable building business doesn’t have a website, having a digital card listing on is effective and inexpensive.

With the 1st option, your information is listed on, as you’ve just read above. There’s a one time $25 set up fee, and after that it’s only $29.95 a year. And by the way, all anyone has to do to find your card is enter your city in the search box. No competitors are listed! Only one business per city is allowed. Once your city is taken, IT’S GONE.