How do people find my site to access it?

There are a few other avenues for access, (that we list below), but one of the best ways for people to access your digital card is to attach it to your website so when it’s accessed by a mobile device it is automatically redirected to it.
(the source code inside the front page has our specialized script inserted to let the site know that a mobile device is gaining access, and subsequently redirects it to the card.

2. We have an account set up with, and we can set up a special one for you that redirects to your card. This also has tracking capability for number of hits, etc.

3. You can text the link to people (see above). A couple of things happen when you use this avenue. If you didn’t aiready have it, you now have their phone number, and second, THEY HAVE YOUR INFO ON THEIR PHONE!!

4. You can also email the link to them, and if they receive the email on their phone, PLEASE SEE ABOVE!!
Also the “Share” button shortcut on the front page of the card gives you the capability to email your card to them quickly & easily.
That share button also gives you the capability to send out and share on Facebook & Twitter

5. Last, but certainly not least. Just tell ’em, “Go to“!

Check It Out if you haven’t already, but just entering your state in the search box will bring your info up.  You can also specify city, and even zip code, but just entering the state will work. While other contact info is listed there as well, just clicking on “Website” will get them there in an instant.
Another advantage to this option is when someone else is being searched in your city or state, your business name, and all your info shows up as well.
This option also works with PC and laptop systems, so literally everybody will have access to your card.


As we’ve mentioned before, other features and  options exist,  which can be added on an A La Carte basis. Give us a call: 662-324-3545 to answer any questions about what features may best handle your needs.

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