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Here’s some of the questions we’ve received about CyberComm’s newest mobile solution,

  1. I like the idea of being able to send info about my business, as well as my contact info, but why cant I just send them to my website? 
    There’s several reasons why our digital business card is more efficient.

A.  A lot of websites just aren’t as easy to navigate on a mobile device simply because the website itself was designed for a 12 to 17″ monitor, and just doesn’t fit the 3 to 8″ screens that could consist of anything from a 3″ Iphone, a 6″ Droid to a 10″ tablet with many brands, versions, and formats in between.

B.  When someone goes to your website on a mobile device, can they call the phone numbers on the website just by touching the number, OR does it initiate Google maps & turn by turn directions by touching the address on your website. Can they text you from the website? Normally the answer is no!

C.  Does the website have an icon that stays on the desktop of their phone  when they leave your site?  No, it doesn’t, but your digital card will, bookmarked with your own personal icon that will bring your info up instantly!!

D. When a website is looked for on a search engine, competitors sites come up also?   With a digital card, they just click on the icon already on their phone to bring up just you, & your information alone!!

As we’ve mentioned before, other features and  options exist,  which can be added on an A La Carte basis. Give us a call: 662-324-3545 to answer any questions about what features may best handle your needs.

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