What’s the problem with the traditional business card?

The problem with the traditional paper business card is that many times, they end up on the floorboard of the car after going thru that black hole between the seat and the console before they even make it to the office?  At the very least, when someone NEEDS the card you gave them, they can’t find it!
Now think about it. Has that ever happened to you?

Well, CyberComm now has created….
The Business Card That Never Gets Lost!

Anybody that sells a product or provides a service knows that little sinking feeling you get when you have to tell someone, “I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have a Card On Me.”  After trying to get your message heard above all the racket and chaos of the competition,  you finally break thru the noise, make a contact, and can’t follow thru with something as simple as a business card!
Sometimes, having a card doesn’t help. Have you ever been on the phone trying to spell your email address, or your website, etc.?
Listed below are a few things your paper card CAN’T do!
Can someone just TOUCH the phone # on your paper card and it’s ringing instantly?
Can someone just TOUCH the address on your paper card and Google maps starts telling them directions on how to get to your office, or anywhere else you want them to meet you?
Can they just TOUCH the E-Mail address on your paper card and type out a message?
Is your website address on your paper card? If it is, can they just touch it to get there automatically?
Can they TEXT you from your paper card?
Oh! You say your cell phone # isn’t on your paper card, and you don’t want everybody knowing it anyway?
Well, you can be texted from OUR card, and nobody ever sees your cell phone #.  The advantage is obvious. Sometimes response time is important, and some folks just don’t check e-mail every minute, while a text normally will attract their attention.
The only reason we keep utilizing the term “paper card”, is because they’ve been here for hundreds of years, and nothing has changed! While they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon, it’s silly not to take advantage of the technological advances that have taken place in the last few years!
CyberComm has eliminated the above problems and disadvantages by coming up with a viable, efficient, and affordable mobile solution for your business.  We have elevated the practice of transferring your information to someone else’s hands! Because usually, THAT’S WHERE THEIR PHONE IS!
Now let’s answer some questions
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