Ok, How much is it?

Option 1:

You can Click Here to create your business card listing, then you can just tell people to go to “” so all your info can be found! That’s it. It’s only $29.95 a year.

Option 2:

Option 2 includes your listing on “”, as explained above,  but we also will build you a web app that can be shared and accessed by text, e-mail, QR code, by going to a domain name,  and last but not least, you can access the link by going to “”.  The build fee is a one time charge of $95 and the monthly fee is $9.95. You can pay a couple of digital business cards and progressive web apps - pwa'sdifferent ways by debit/credit card on a monthly basis, and it will be charged automatically.
If you prefer, you can pay annually & a months free, which would be $99 annually.* (Pay for 11 months, Get 1 FREE).
*After payment, our agreement is renewed annually!


As we’ve mentioned before, other features and  options exist,  which can be added on an A La Carte basis. Give us a call: 662-324-3545 to answer any questions about what features may best handle your needs.

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